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Choosing The Right Rivet for Vinyl Strap Installations

Which vinyl strap rivet should I choose? Chair Care Patio furniture repair has 20 years of experience installing vinyl strap or chair webbing on outdoor patio furniture. Selecting the correct vinyl strap rivet for your installation method is critical! Click on the link above and read the detailed information outlined in this section: we'll tell you which vinyl strap rivet is right for your vinyl strap replacement installation. The information covers installation on a single-wrap vinyl strap rivet, a double-wrap vinyl strap rivet or a slotted-conversion vinyl strap rivet to your patio chair frame.

How To Install Double Wrap Vinyl Strap

Detailed Instructions for Double Wrap Vinyl Strap Installation. Ever wonder how to install vinyl strapping that is double wrapped on the patio chair frame? Click on the link above to find easy-to-follow double wrap vinyl installation instructions. Most homeowners can accomplish vinyl strap replacement--and now, you can, too! Chair Care Patio Outdoor furniture repair has over 20 years of experience installing vinyl strapping on patio and pool furniture!

How To Install Single Wrap Vinyl Strap

Single Wrap Vinyl Strap Installation On Outdoor Pool and Patio Furniture. Make your vinyl strap style outdoor patio chairs look like new with some new vinyl strapping. Single-wrap installation is the easiest vinyl strap installation style to accomplish. Click on the link above to find our detailed vinyl strap installation instructions using the single-wrap method. With over 20 years of experience installing vinyl strap on patio chairs and chaises, Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair is happy to pass along our knowledge to help you repair your vinyl-strap patio furniture. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can replace the old vinyl straps on your patio strap chaises and chairs and give them a fresh new look!

How To Install Vinyl Strap with a Rectangular Slot

My vinyl strap is installed in a rectangular slot. If your vinyl strapping on your outdoor furniture is installed into a rectangular slot and the end of the vinyl is somewhat pointed (or perhaps is shaped like an arrowhead), then you should follow our Slotted Conversion Vinyl Strap Installation instructions. Chair Care Patio Outdoor Furniture Repair recommends drilling a hole in the slot and using a rivet to repair and install your new vinyl strapping. Cutting the vinyl and trying to install it using the original slot is very time consuming and may not always be adequate. Click on the link for this section to find step-by-step instructions on how to convert your slotted vinyl strap furniture to a vinyl-strap-with-rivet installation.

How To Install Vinyl Wrap Using Steel Clips

My vinyl strap is installed using a steel clip on the end of the vinyl and not a rivet. Some older models of outdoor patio furniture from the 1960s and 1970s used a vinyl strap with a steel clip to hold the vinyl in place. The steel clip has a square opening that slips over the metal frame of the patio chair. The steel clip also has a tab or finger that was bent forward. The hole at the end of the vinyl strap hooks over this tab when installed on the patio chair frame. Click on the link above to find comprehensive vinyl strap installation instructions for furniture that uses a steel tab clip to fasten the vinyl strap to the patio chair frame.

How To Measure Vinyl Strapping

How to calculate the correct vinyl strap length. The secret to vinyl strap installation on outdoor pool and patio furniture is the cut of the vinyl strapping: it is always cut shorter than the hole-to-hole measurement on the patio chair frame. If the vinyl strap is not cut shorter it won’t be tight enough when heated and stretched onto the outdoor furniture frame. Click on the link above and find the correct formula and calculation to use when cutting the replacement vinyl straps for your patio chairs and chaises. You will find easy-to-use formulas for both single-wrap vinyl strap installation and double-wrap vinyl strap installation.

Measuring For Precut Straps

Click on the link above to find all the information you need on how to order pre-cut vinyl strapping for your pool chairs and chaises. Installing Pre-cut Vinyl Strapping for Outdoor Pool and Patio Furniture is easy! Click on the link above to find all the information you need on how to order pre-cut vinyl strapping for your pool chairs and chaises. Pre-cut vinyl strap eliminates the cutting process and helps you get the replacement vinyl strap installed in a snap! The most important part of ordering pre-cut strap is measuring correctly. When ordering pre-cut vinyl strap from Chair Care Patio Furniture repair, you must remember that we will cut your strap shorter than the measurement you give us. Please read and understand the instructions in this section before placing your order for pre-cut vinyl strapping!



What Is Slotted Conversion?

What is meant by slotted conversion vinyl strap installation. Sometimes the terminology is confusing. In this set of instruction, you will find a clear explanation of what we mean by the "slotted conversion vinyl" strap installation method. Many furniture manufacturers installed their vinyl strapping by placing a rectangular slot in the chaise lounge frame. The end of the vinyl strap was then inserted into this slot. The information found in this section will show you pictures of what the slot looks like, and helpful advice on how to install this new replacement vinyl strapping by drilling a hole in the chair frame and using a plastic rivet to attach it.


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