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FAQ Homecrest Style

FAQ for Homecrest® Style Furniture.  We have been providing replacement slings, padded slings and cushions that fit Homecrest Style Outdoor furniture for almost as long as we've been in business--20 years! Homecrest is a top-quality, well-made brand of outdoor patio furniture, in use and being enjoyed every day of the week!

Homecrest® Style FAQ

Homecrest® Style FAQ Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair has been providing replacement slings, padded slings and patio furniture cushions meant to fit Homecrest Style Outdoor furniture for years now! Homecrest is a "top-shelf" brand of outdoor patio furniture which is quite popular and commonly found on patios large and small. If you have a question about our Homecrest Style outdoor furniture repair instructions or the materials we offer for replacement of this style of outdoor furniture, please take a look at this section.

How To Identify Homecrest Style Furniture

How Do I Identify My Homecrest Outdoor Patio Furniture? Chair Care Patio Furniture repair has been making replacement slings, padded slings and replacement cushions for Homecrest style outdoor furniture for many years now. We have collected more than 90 percent of the original patterns for Homecrest replacement slings, padded slings and patio furniture cushions. The key to ordering correctly is specifically identifying the original Homecrest Outdoor Furniture model you need repaired. In this section you will find important information on what to look for on your Homecrest furniture model, in order to correctly identify the style you have. If you need additional assistance with this, please send a picture of you Homecrest furniture by email to info@chaircarepatio.com.

How To Install Homecrest Patio Furniture Chair Slings

Detailed Instructions on Homecrest Replacement Sling Installation.Replacement slings for Homecrest outdoor furniture are installed a little differently than standard single-layer replacement slings. Homecrest slings are double layer, almost like a pillow case design. The frame of the Homecrest chair is installed in between the layers of outdoor fabric. Click on the above link to find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install replacement slings on your Homecrest outdoor furniture. These instructions also apply to Homecrest padded sling installation. Installing replacement slings on Homecrest outdoor furniture is something that many patio furniture owners can do. Follow the sling installation instructions found in this section.

How To Install Homecrest Patio Furniture Chaise 3J300 Sling

Homecrest Replacement Sling Instructions for the Homecrest 3J300 series Chaise Lounge. The installation of replacement slings for the Homecrest 3J300 is a little more complicated than typical single-layer sling installation. Please click on the link and study these instructions before you place your order! The 3J300 Homecrest replacement sling will include special tools to make your sling installation process a breeze. All you need in addition to that are a few simple household tools, and you'll be able to install your new Homecrest style replacement sling. The Homecrest Chaise Lounge 3J300 installation instructions in this section include pictures and descriptive text for easy installation.

How We Make Homecrest Style Slings and Cushions

How We Make Homecrest Style Slings and Cushions. Homecrest replacement slings, padded slings and cushions have a unique design to fit only the specific model of Homecrest outdoor furniture specified. Homecrest replacement slings feature 2 layers of outdoor fabric that are bound together with a welting or trim that is sewn around the entire edge of the 2 layers of fabric. Click on the link above and find out how our Homecrest replacement slings and Homecrest padded slings are constructed by our sewing experts here at Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair. We've been steadily collecting and now have a majority of the patterns to create the Homecrest style replacement slings and Homecrest replacement cushions. This section will show you our Homecrest replacement cushion and sling manufacturing process.


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