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Fasteners and Rivets for Vinyl Strap Replacement

Chair Care Patio furniture repair provides everything you need to replace the vinyl strap or sometimes called chair webbing on your outdoor patio furniture chairs and chaises. In this section you will find the correct vinyl strap rivets and vinyl strap fasteners to make your vinyl strap replacement project a breeze. Please see the tabs below to find detailed vinyl strap installation information and easy to following instructions on choosing the correct vinyl strapping rivet or fastener for single wrap vinyl strap, double wrap vinyl strap or slotted conversion vinyl strap installation methods.
Click here to find out how to choose the right rivet.
Fasteners & Rivets

White Double Wrap Plastic Vinyl Strap Installation Rivet Qty 100
Price: $6.00 
White Double Wrap Plastic Rivet Qty 1000 for Vinyl Strap Replacement
Price: $50.00 
White PVC or Slotted Conversion Rivet Qty 100 for vinyl strap replacement
Price: $6.00 
White PVC or Slotted Conversion Rivet Qty 1000 for vinyl strap installation
Price: $50.00 
White Single Wrap Plastic Rivet Qty 100 for Vinyl Strap Replacement
Price: $6.00 
White Single Wrap Plastic Rivet Qty 1000 for Vinyl Strap Installation
Price: $50.00 
Woodard Steel Tab Clip
Price: $0.50 

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