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How To Install Patio Chair Slings

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Sling Chair Install Process

Click Here to download a PDF version of the How To Install Slings instructions listed below. To download a reader for PDF documents, click the Adobe Acrobat link provided below.

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Tools You Need

-wire cutters or scissors
-ratchet and socket or allen wrench
-utility knife
-flat head screw driver
-watered down dish soap
-penetrating oil

Note: Take careful note of how your chair comes apart. If you own a digital camera it would be beneficial to take photos of your chair before disassembling.
Remove the End Caps

Using a flat head screw driver or pliers, gently remove the plastic end caps from both ends of the sling rails. Be careful when removing your old end caps, they are often dry, brittle and break easily.

Remove the Old Sling Material

The easiest way to remove the old sling is to slice it down the middle using a utility knife or heavy duty scissors. If you choose not to destroy your old slings by cutting them in half, unbolt both sling rails before proceeding.

It is not uncommon for the sling to be wedged inside the sling rail. Using both hands, break the sling free by pushing it back inside the sling rail.

Spray the edge of the sling rail with watered down dish soap. The soap helps to loosen the old material from the sling rail, making it easier to remove. Give the soap a minute or two to absorb before proceeding.
Grasp the sling by hand or using a pair of pliers and strip it from the sling rail.

If the sling does not detach, break the fabric loose with a flat head screw driver.

Remove Hardware

One or both of the sling rails will be attached to chair frame with bolts. Using the appropriate tool, remove all bolts (typically 4-6). If your bolts prove difficult to remove, spray them with a penetrating oil (Liquid Wrench, NAPA 6300). The oil will help to loosen any rust or corrosion on the bolt. Let the oil soak for at least an hour before proceeding. Save bolts and any other hardware for reinstallation. If your bolts are bent or rusty it is a good idea to replace them.

Insert Sling Spline

The slings will be shipped without the plastic sling spline installed. Insert the sling spline in to each side of the sling. The spline will be longer than necessary; do not trim away the excess until later in the installation process. If you are having trouble inserting the sling spline, try sharpening the end in a pencil sharpener. A pointed end tends to slide easier.

Insert Material Into the Sling Rails

Before sliding the sling into the rail, make sure the rails are in the same position as they were before they were removed. Slide the fabric through the sling rails making sure to keep the "Chair Care” tag at the top of the chair as this differentiates the top and bottom of the sling.

Start All Bolts

Place the sling rails with the newly installed sling onto the chair frame. Line up the holes and finger-tighten all of the bolts.

Tighten Bottom Bolts

Starting with the bottom of the chair, pull the sling until it is even with both sling rails. Once the sling is flush with BOTH sling rails, tighten only the two bottom bolts. This will keep the bottom of the sling tight and in place.

Stretch the Sling Material and Tighten

Eliminate any wrinkles left in the bend of the seat by stretching the fabric upward.

Note: It may be helpful to use a pair of clamps to hold the fabric as it tends to slip back down the sling rail. If you do not have clamps available, having someone to help with this step may prove useful.

Position yourself behind the chair. Using pliers, stretch the sling upward to the edge of the sling rail so that both fabric and sling rail are even. At this point, use clamps or have someone hold the sling in place while you tighten the remaining bolts. The sling should now be tight and free of wrinkles.

Install Spreader Bar

If your chair was equipped with spreader bars they must be reinserted. Flip your chair upside down being careful not to scratch the arms. Try bending the spreader bar over your knee just enough to allow the spreader bar to fit in to place. If you cannot bend the spreader bar, a spreader tool will be needed to spread the slings rails apart allowing room for the spreader bar.

If needed a spreader tool can be ordered from our website, ChairCarePatio.Com

Once the spreader bar is in place, hit the center of the bar with a rubber mallet until tight.

Cut Excess Spline and Re-Install End Caps

Cut all excess sling spline with scissors or pliers and re-install end caps into sling rails by carefully tapping them in with a rubber mallet.

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