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How To Install Double Wrap Vinyl Strap

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Double Wrap Method

Chair Care Patio makes it easy for anyone to repair their outdoor vinyl strap chairs.

Getting Started

Before beginning, make sure that you have the following items on hand:

• Scissors
• Drill
• Gloves
• Baby Powder
• Large Pot of Boiling Water
• Towel
• Tongs

Using scissors or garden shears cut all the existing vinyl straps that need to be replaced. Once all the vinyl straps are cut, remove the vinyl strap from the chair frame by pulling or twisting until the vinyl strap breaks loose from the frame.

Once all the vinyl straps have been removed, Chair Care Patio highly recommends cleaning the chair frame with a mild detergent. Cleaning the frame will ensure that your new vinyl straps will not become dirty during installation.

Using a cloth measuring tape, measure the distance from hole to hole on the chair frame. Make sure to wrap the cloth measuring tape around the chair frame exactly as the vinyl replacement strap will be installed. (For detailed measuring instructions, read the How to Measure instructions found on ChairCarePatio.com).

Take the hole to hole measurement and multiply by .90 (90%), then add one inch.

Hole to hole measurement = 28”
Hole to hole measurement x .90 = 25.2”
Add one inch.
Cut Length = 26.2”

Chair Care Patio reminds you that vinyl replacement straps will always be cut shorter than the hole to hole measurement due to the fact that they must be stretched over the frame while hot. Heating the straps prior to installation will allow the vinyl replacement strap to be stretched across the frame.

Note: Do not cut all of your vinyl replacement straps at once. Chair Care Patio highly recommends cutting and installing one strap before cutting all of the straps. This allows you to make any adjustments to the final strap length before cutting all of the vinyl straps.

Using a measuring tape and scissors, cut the vinyl straps off of the roll at the desired cut size. Be sure to cut the vinyl straps as straight as possible.

Once the vinyl straps have been cut, holes must be drilled into the strap. Using a drill with a 3/16” drill bit, drill a hole on each end of the strap ½” from the end. After drilling, trim the corners on both sides of the strap using scissors. Trimming ensures that the corners of the vinyl strap will not protrude from the underside of the replacement strap when installed.

Boil a pot of water using a hot plate or heat source. Once hot, insert several straps into the boiling water and wait at least five minutes before removing them. Leaving the vinyl straps in the water a little longer will not hurt them.

Note: Chair Care Patio recommends that gloves be worn at this time before proceeding.

Using tongs, remove the vinyl strap from the boiling water taking care as the vinyl straps will be very hot. Once removed from the boiling water, the vinyl strap should be noodle-like and flexible.

Dry the vinyl strap off with a rag and dip both ends of the vinyl replacement strap in baby powder. The baby powder will keep the vinyl strap from sticking to itself during the double wrap.

While strap is hot, insert the double wrap rivet into one end of the vinyl strap and approach the frame from underneath. Insert the rivet into the hole in the chair frame and bring the strap around the outside of the frame twice.

Stretch the vinyl replacement strap evenly and steadily while pulling the strap over top the opposite side of the chair frame. Pull the strap slightly to the left or right of the hole to allow room for the double wrap.

Using one hand to detain the strap use the other to wrap the vinyl replacement strap around the frame and insert the double wrap rivet into the hole on the underside of the chair frame.

Once the vinyl replacement strap is attached, slide the vinyl over itself and adjust.

Repeat for remaining straps.

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