Cushion FAQ

Frequently asked questions about custom outdoor cushions made by Chair Care Patio
How long will it take to receive my outdoor patio furniture cushions?
All patio furniture cushions manufactured by us are custom made to order. Nothing is off the shelf and ready to ship. Once you place your order for new patio furniture cushions, your order will begin the production process. All outdoor patio furniture cushions are processed in the order they are received. So order early! Lead times vary depending on the time of year. Fall and winter is the best time to replace and refresh you patio furntiure cushions. Lead times during Fall, Winter and early Spring are approximately 6 weeks. During peak season, February - July, lead times can reach 10 weeks or more so please plan accordingly. We can not promise completion dates for custom cushions. All lead times are approximate and do not include shipping or delivery times. Lead times may vary depending on the time of year.  So please plan accordingly if you need to have your new patio chair cushions for a particular party or event
Do you have cushions in stock and ready to ship?
All patio furniture cushions offered by us are made-to-order. We do not stock any kind of outdoor replacement cushion offered by any particular patio furniture manufacturer. If you purchased your patio furniture at a big box store such as Home Depot, Lowes, Costco or Sam's, we do not have replacement cushions for this furniture, nor do we offer the same fabric selection. Outdoor patio furniture made overseas is shipped to the United States in complete sets. There are typically no replacement parts or replacement cushions available for patio furniture sets offered by big box stores. You will need to contact the place of purchase for additional warranty and replacement part information. We have no affiliation with products purchased at Home Depot, Lowe's, Costco or Sam's. We do not guarantee any of these products for the manufacturer. Please see the patio cushion section of our website to determine if we have a cushion size that will fit your patio furniture. Most of the outdoor patio furniture cushions we offer on this website are universal in nature and can fit a variety of outdoor furntiure chairs and chaise lounges.
I do not see the patio cushion size I need.
Can you make a special size outdoor patio cushion to fit my outdoor furniture? YES WE CAN! We specialize in the creation of custom-made patio furniture cushions. Making custom outdoor cushions is what we do best. If you need a custom size or shape cushion for your outdoor patio chair or chaise, or maybe a special cushion for that antique glider or swing, our skilled and talented sewing staff can provide that custom look and fit. If you see the correct cushion style on our website but would like to make and adjustment to the size or thickness, please contact us. We can discuss you patio cushion project and determine the cost.
How do I request more information and pricing?
How do I request more information and pricing for custom made outdoor patio cushions and patio chair pads not offered on this website? If you have a special outdoor cushion project please contact us. We will need a few more details regarding size, shape, cushion fabric selection as well as cushion edge treatments. Once we have all the information about your custom outdoor cushion project, we can provide you with a quotation and lead-time. If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area, you are welcome to stop by our office to discuss your outdoor cushion requirements.
Can I send you my old patio cushion to use as a pattern?
Sending an old cushion to use as a pattern is probably the best way to make sure your new replacement cushion will be the correct size and shape. We've seen a lot of cushions that have unusual shapes or features which are impossible to replicate unless you have the old cushion. If you are sending your old patio cushion to use as a pattern, please complete and include the custom cushion request form. We need to know how to contact you and the details of your custom outdoor cushion project.
Can I send you my own outdoor fabric so you can make my cushions?
COM or Customer Own Material is welcome. Please call in advance to discuss your patio cushion project and to determine how many yards of fabric will be required. Please complete the following COM Fabric form and send it along with your fabric shipment. If you send your COM fabric without paperwork, it will get lost in the system and you custom cushion job will be delayed.
Our shipping address is 8700 Sovereign Row, Dallas, TX 75247.
What should I do if my patio cushions do not fit?
If your patio cushions do not fit, please call us right away at 1-866-638-6416. We may ask you to supply pictures of the problem so we can determine if the patio cushion can be altered. Custom-made outdoor cushions are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please measure carefully before you order. However, we want you to be happy with your new cushions. Please call us right away so we can determine the best course of action.
Are the patio cushion dimensions you show on the website exact?
All patio cushions we offer are hand built. The dimensions shown are an approximate size and may vary slightly. Please allow a plus or minus 5% allowance on all patio cushion dimensions.
What is the return policy for custom made outdoor patio furniture cushions?
Custom-made patio cushions are non-returnable and non-refundable due because you do not like the fabric selection or because you ordered the incorrect part number. We offer free fabric samples of all the patio cushion fabrics we offer. Please order your cushion fabric samples before ordering to insure you are choosing the correct color. Custom-made cushions cannot be resold to any other customer. Custom patio cushions can be returned if there are defects in the material or workmanship. All cushion repair or returns must be accompanied with a return authorization form. CUSTOM PATIO CUSHION RETURNS, REPAIRS OR ALTERATIONS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF SHIPPING DATE. No exceptions. Please inspect your cushions carefully when you receive them. Contact us immediately if you have a problem with your patio cushion order. 1-866-638-6416
How should I clean my outdoor cushions?
Cleaning of your patio cushions really depends on the fabric. If your patio cushion was made with a sling style or vinyl mesh type fabric, we suggest using a product like simple green, 409 or a degreaser. Spray the cushion surface with the cleaner and clean with a soft brush that will get down into the openings of the vinyl mesh fabric. Rinse the patio cushion and allow to dry. If your cushion is made from Sunbrella brand fabric, click here to find detailed instruction on the care of Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics.
What is the difference in fabric choices for outdoor cushions?
Our custom-made patio cushion program allows us to offer a larger selection of fabrics and cushion combinations. We have tried to simplify the cushion ordering process by separating the cushion fabric into groups. Group A cushion fabrics are pvc vinyl mesh style fabrics commonly used for replacement slings. PVC mesh fabrics are very durable and have great UV stability. Group B fabrics are mostly Sunbrella Brand fabrics as well as outdoor fabrics from PK Lifestyles, Waverly, Richloom and more.. Group C cushion fabrics can be classified as designer grade. These are some of the more expensive designer fabrics offered by manufacturers such as Robert Allen, Duralee, Glen Raven, Tommy Bahama and more. All patio cushion fabrics offered by us are top quality and are specifically designed for outdoor use. Order free outdoor fabric samples from our website.
Bought from Costco, Sam's, Lowes, Home Depot or any other big box store?
Do you make replacement canopies and cushions for the outdoor swing that I bought from Costco, Sam's, Lowes, Home Depot or any other big box store?
No sorry we do not make replacement canopies and cushions for swings. These products are made overseas and shipped to the big box stores. Our cushions are custom made using only the highest quality fabrics and materials. To make a replacement canopy or cushion, we would need your old swing canopy as a pattern. There were so many styles of swings offered over the past several years, it's impossible to have all the patterns and sizes. By the time we are done taking a pattern from your old canopy and cushion set, it will cost you more to replace the canopy and cushion than what you originally paid for the new swing. You are welcome to purchase outdoor fabric by the yard and make your own replacement cushions and canopy.
What is the warranty for custom made patio furniture cushions?
We offer a one-year warranty from date of invoice, against material defects and workmanship assuming you the customer provides proper use and care of the cushion. Our warranty does not cover failure due to unreasonable use or acts of nature such as hail damage, wind damage or squirrel or rodent damage.
What is the difference between waterproof outdoor fabric and water repellant outdoor fabric?
Waterproof outdoor fabrics will completely resist water and keep it from soaking into the fibers of the material. NONE of the fabrics offered for replacement patio cushions are waterproof. Outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella are designed to be breathable, so they are considered water repellent and not waterproof. Over time, the water repellency can be refreshed by using 303 High Tech Fabric Guard which is available on this website.
What is the best type of fabric to use for outdoor cushions?
The best type of fabric to use for outdoor cushions is really your personal preference. All the outdoor fabrics we offer are strong, durable, and able to withstand the elements. If you are looking for a long lasting, easy to clean and durable fabric, then patio cushions made from PVC open weave mesh type fabrics are a great choice. If you want patio cushions with a softer feel and look elegant, enough for interior use, then Sunbrella brand outdoor fabrics are an excellent choice. Sunbrella is the most well known name in outdoor fabrics. Made of solution-dyed acrylics, Sunbrella's UV-resistant color pigments are fully blended into the fibers. Sunbrella fabrics will keep looking great even under the harshest conditions. Sunbrella outdoor fabrics have a soft fell similar to spun cotton.
How can I keep the squirrels away from my new outdoor cushions?
That's a great question! It's amazing how many customers call us about squirrel damage. Apparently, it's worse during the Spring when the squirrels are looking for nesting material. The stuffing inside of a patio cushion is very attractive. We have contacted several pest control companies for suggestions. Of course the most effective was to prevent squirrel damage is to bring your cushions inside, which can be a pain in the "you know what" and not very practical. If you have any suggestions, (other than complete extermination in one form or another) please let us know. We would love to pass along alternative solutions to our patio cushion customers.
What is outdoor poly fill?
Poly fill is something commonly used as filling for cushions and pillows. We use a line of poly fill that is designed for outdoor cushions. Our classic universal patio cushions use two layers of the poly fill to create a nice full cushion that is comfortable to sit on.
What is EZ-Dri reticulated polyurethane foam?
EZ-Dri polyether-polyurethane foam outdoor cushions dry almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing, or other forms of moisture and humidity. Large, open pores allow maximum water drainage and air circulation, permitting use quickly after being wet or even saturated. With EZ-Dri outdoor cushioning materials, you achieve the best of both worlds – long lasting wear and comfort combined with extremely fast drying properties. If you are interested in using EZ-Dri foam for your patio cushion project, please let us know. EZ-Dri foam is more expensive than standard foam, but worth the investment. Pricing depends on the size and density selected. Call us if you would like to upgrade your cushions and we can give you a quotation.
What kind of thread do you use to make outdoor cushions?
We use a high quality polyester thread that has excellent UV stability and is available in a huge variety of colors to coordinate with our patio cushion fabrics. When sewing replacement slings, we use a Gore Tenara thread, which has extreme durability against deterioration. Tenara thread is made by the folks that make Gore-Tex, commonly used for winter jackets.
What is a Universal cushion?
A universal patio cushion is designed to fit most standard aluminum and wood frame outdoor furniture. Our universal patio cushion is approximately 4" thick , filled with outdoor poly fill, and has fabric ties to secure them to the patio chair or chaise. We can make universal cushions in a large variety of fabrics and give you patio furniture a fresh new look
What is the difference between a chair pad and a chair cushion?
A chair pad is thinner than a patio chair cushion. Our chair pads are about 2" thick and commonly found on wrought iron patio furniture. The pad is secured to the seat of the wrought iron chair or chaise lounge with fabric ties.
Can I buy the outdoor fabric you offer and make my own patio furniture cushions?
Yes, your are welcome to purchase any of the fabric we offer for replacement cushions or slings. See our outdoor fabric by the yard section of the website for pricing and details. You can also see a larger selection of fabrics at How wide is the outdoor cushion fabric you offer on the website? All outdoor cushion and sling fabrics offered on our website are 54" in width. Outdoor fabric can be purchased in one-yard increments. One yard is 36"
How should I clean my outdoor cushions?

Cleaning of your patio cushions really depends on the fabric. If your patio cushion was made with a sling style or vinyl mesh type fabric, we suggest using a product like simple green, 409 or a degreaser. Spray the cushion surface with the cleaner and clean with a soft brush that will get down into the openings of the vinyl mesh fabric. Rinse the patio cushion and allow to dry. If your cushion is made from Sunbrella brand fabric,
We can make replacement cushion for the following manufacturers
AGIO International
Alfresco Home
Anacara Company
Barlow Tyrie
Ballard Designs
Brown Jordan
Cast Classics
Century Furniture
Ebel, Inc.
Eddie Bauer Home Outdoor
Gloster Furniture
Hanamint/ Alu-Mont
Homecrest Outdoor Living
JANUS et CieJensen Leisure Furniture
Kettler International Inc.
Kingsley Bate
Klaussner Outdoor
Lane Venture
Lloyd Flanders, Inc.
Mallin Casual Furniture
Patio Renaissance by Sunlord Leisure Products
Pavilion Furniture, Inc.
Poly-Wood LLC
RATANA International
Restoration Hardware
Skyline Design
South Sea Outdoor Living
Summer Classics Inc
Sunset West
Telescope Casual Furniture
Three Birds Casual
Tropitone Furniture
Veranda Classics by Foremost
Winston Furniture
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