30-609 - 1" Round Multi Gauge Flat Glide/Insert

1" Round Multi Gauge Flat Glide/Insert in Black or White
Fits 7/8" Hole
SKU: 30-609

A multi gauge patio chair insert has flanges on it that allow for the patio furniture part to be fitted into various sized holes of patio furniture chair legs. The flanges on the multi gauge patio furniture part will flex and bend as the glide is inserted into the patio furniture chair leg or tube. Round patio chair glides and round chair leg inserts fit common patio furniture chair legs. These glides help prevent damage to your patio or deck when moving around. To insure a proper fit, measure the inside diameter of your patio chair leg and compare to the dimensions of the patio furniture part dimensions shown below. You can find more information about how to measure for patio furniture replacement parts in the FAQ section of our website.

Colors Available: White or Black