1½" Width Precut Vinyl Strap - Oversized Strap

1½" Width Precut Vinyl Strap - OVERSIZED STRAP - Choose a longer length from 40.5" up to 60" required for chaise lounge bottoms. Vinyl straps includes 2 plastic rivets per vinyl strap. See Our Measuring instructions before you order.


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Precut Vinyl Strap, Vinyl Strapping, Plastic Strap or Slats, Chair Webbing for Outdoor Pool and Patio Furniture. Learn how to install new vinyl strap on your patio chairs and chaises.

This product is Precut Smooth Vinyl Strapping -  that is 1.5" wide 40.5" and up to 60" in length

Please Note: We will cut your straps SHORTER than the measurement you enter below based on the strap installation method. Wrap your tape measure around the frame just like the vinyl is wrapped around the frame. For more information on how to measure, go to the tab below "How To Measure" for precut vinyl strap, plastic straps or lawn chair webbing. When you are ready to order, select the vinyl strap width, vinyl strap color, vinyl strap configuration and the hole to hole measurement in inches. Measure to the closest 1/4". The final cut size will be automatically calculated for you based on our proven formula. Precut straps are not returnable or refundable due to incorrect size or color. Please measure carefully before entering your order. *PLEASE DO NOT DEVIATE FROM OUR FORMULA! PRECUT VINYL STRAPS CANNOT BE RETURNED.* Our web site provides detailed vinyl strap installation and measuring instructions.

Each vinyl strap includes 2 rivets per strap in your choice of rivet style. Precut vinyl straps have holes at each end approximately 1/2" in from the end. Corners are also snipped on each side. Vinyl strapping must be heated in boiling water to make the strap soft and flexible like a rubber band so it can be stretched onto the frame. When the vinyl strap cools, it will become tight on the frame.

How To Measure, Cut and Install Vinyl Strapping or Chair Webbing for Outdoor Patio and Lawn Furniture

How to Choose the Correct Rivet or Vinyl Strap Fastener For Vinyl Strap Installation

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