Heated Pillows

Lux Hot Heated Technology for Outdoor Cushions and Pillows
Experience the unique luxury of heated pillows in gorgeous cozy designer fabrics from Lux Hot Heated Seat Pads and Pillows. Each Lux Hot Pillow or cushion features a unique internationally patented technology that makes any pillow or cushion warm and cozy for hours. Lux Hot pillows and cushions are available in both interior and exterior versions. Add a heated pillow to your couch or favorite chair, or snuggle with a warm soothing pillow on your bed at night. No need to plug in! Totally portable for use anywhere. A thin heating element is placed inside the pillow or cushion.  The element is powered by a battery pack that is hidden inside of the pillow or seat pad in a small pouch for easy access to the temperature controls. The internationally patented technology used in Lux Hot Pillows and Cushions is unlike anything currently available. The battery uses energy pulse circuitry to optimize or manage the way a device allocates the energy from the battery. The heated product quickly comes to temperature and can last as long as 8 hours on the low setting. The battery unit is completely rechargable.Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Lux Hot cushions, seat pads and pillows are available in limitless fabric options and sizes.