Replacement Slings

Replacement Slings For Better Quality Outdoor Sling Furniture.

Order New patio slings that are custom made to fit your chair.

With a few simple measurements, we can make a new sling from our huge patio mesh fabric collection. Each replacement sling includes your choice of outdoor mesh fabric that is hemmed on all sides with a double needle stitch for a secure hem. The left and right sides of the sling have a pocket that accepts new sling rod or spline which is included with your order.

Please follow our instructions on how to measure for new patio furniture replacement slings.

CLICK HERE for Replacement Sling Measuring Instructions

We also provide great instrucation on how to install new replacement slings. Please take some time to watch our helpful videos and instructions before placing your order.

CLICK HERE for instructions on How To Install New Patio Slings

Also take a look at our great outdoor fabric selection for patio slings. You can order free fabric samples before ordering to find the perfect new look.

CLICK HERE for FREE Patio Sling Outdoor Mesh Fabric Samples



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