Trixie Stripe Myrtle

PATIO SLING FABRIC SAMPLE Trixie Stripe Myrtle Patio Sling Outdoor Fabric manufactured by Phifertex. Made of 100% PVC Coated Polyester. this versatile outdoor mesh fabric can be used for patio furniture replacement slings, outdoor patio chair cushions and more. Trixie Stripe Myrtle is a vertical stripe pattern of greens, browns and black.
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SAMPLE - Phifertex Sling Fabric - Trixie Stripe Myrtle
Benefits of Phifertex Replacement Sling Fabrics
Phifertex is UV/Fade Resistant

This is most important in sunny climates, but UV rays can cause damage even through clouds. Sun can fade your furniture and, over time, cause the fabric itself to degrade and weaken, making it more susceptible to ripping. Choosing a fabric with built in UV protection will help it last longer and stay looking vibrant and beautiful no matter how brightly the sun shines. All of Phifer’s designer outdoor fabrics are UV/fade resistant, so you can purchase with confidence, knowing they’ll stand up to the sun.
Phifertex Fabrics are Water Resistant
Fabric that spends its time outside needs to be able to deal with rain, sprinklers, and splashes from the pool without getting musty or moldy. If you live in a damp climate, it’s even more important to look for water resistant fabrics. You should choose fabric that sheds water instead of soaking it up, and it should air dry quickly after a shower or washing. We’ve designed all of our Designed Fabrics to be highly water-resistant so that they’ll stay fresh and comfortable in all kinds of climates.
Phifertex Fabrics are Mold and Mildew Resistant
This is another factor that’s extra important for places that get a lot of rain, although mold and mildew can strike anywhere. When it does, it can ruin your furniture fast. Unsightly discoloration and stains and bad smells from mildew are almost impossible to remove once they’ve set in. Fast-drying fabric is a great first step, but for extra protection, look for a fabric that has been treated with an antimicrobial treatment like Microban®. All Phifertex​® fabrics have been infused with Microban®, which won’t wear or wash off over time.
Phifertex Fabrics are Made in the USA
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