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More About Chair Care Patio local Dallas, Texas services Chair Care Patio local North Texas services Chair Care Patio chair refinishing colors Chair Care Patio local outdoor furniture refinishing prices Find Chair Care Patio in Dallas, Texas with Google Maps Chair Care Patio Texas

Chair Care Patio is the online expert for Patio Furniture Repair and Patio Furniture Refinishing

Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair is the expert when it comes to repairing your better quality pool and outdoor patio furniture. We have been repairing patio furniture in our shops in Dallas, Texas since 1988. With over 20 years of expertise in outdoor furniture repair and refinishing, we have translated our knowledge to our website to provide customers across the United States the patio furniture parts and installation instructions on how to repair and restore better quality patio furniture. Instead of contributing to the local landfill with outdoor patio furniture purchased at your local big box store, consider patio furniture repair and think green. Patio furniture Repair is a great alternative to discarding your old patio furniture. You can repair your outdoor patio furniture with a small investment of money and bit of your own labor.

Patio Furniture Repair Parts is our specialty! We can make your old outdoor furniture look like new.

Chair Care Patio Furniture repair has helped thousands of customers make their old outdoor patio furniture look like new. We’ve gathered the most common Patio Furniture Repair parts available from a variety of vendors. Why go to the original manufacturer when you can find everything you need at Chair Care Patio. Our website offers detailed instructions on how to install patio furniture replacement parts, such as patio slings, chair slings and more. Chair Care Patio Furniture Repair offers common outdoor furniture replacement parts, such as round chair glides and round chair inserts, square chair glides and square chair inserts, forever glides for wrought iron furniture, forever glides for cast aluminum furniture, forever glides for wood and teak furniture, plastic glides and inserts for wrought iron patio furniture, sling chair parts, replacement vinyl strapping in over 50 colors and the rivets and fasteners for vinyl strap installation. We also carry some hard to find patio furniture repair parts like fiberglass spring plates, chaise lounge adjustment brackets and the umbrella hole ring sets and table rim clips. Our patio furniture repair parts are universal and will work form most patio furniture manufacturers including: Homecrest, Brown Jordan, Winston, Carter Grandle, Heidt, Tropitone, Agio and more. By investing a small amount of money in common patio furniture repair parts, you can spruce up your better quality patio and pool furniture and make it last longer. Check out our complete collection of patio furniture repair parts here.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Repair is something the homeowner can achieve.

Our extensive collection of Outdoor Patio Furniture Repair Parts and Do-It-Yourself Supplies for Outdoor Pool and Patio Furniture Repair makes patio furniture repair something every homeowner can achieve. Sling style patio furniture has become very popular over the last several years. Replacement sling material is an open weave mesh type fabric that has hems on the edges and is tightly stretched into the patio chair or patio chaise lounge frame. Sling chair mesh is typically made from a pvc coated thread that has excellent UV stability and it meant to endure the exposure to the weather. Sling replacement material is available in a multitude of colors and patterns. Unfortunately the patio chair sling material will wear out from sun exposure, body oils and suntan lotions, leaving the patio sling chair or patio sling chaise lounge useless. Consider replacing your patio chair slings with new replacement patio chair slings from Chair Care Patio. We make chair sling replacement easy. See our website for instructions on how to install replacement slings on better quality sling patio furniture. With a few simple measurements we can make replacement slings for some of the most popular manufacturers of patio sling furniture including, Homecrest, Brown Jordan, Winston, Carter Grandle, Heidt, Tropitone, Agio and more. We also show our online patio furniture repair customers how to measure your sling patio furniture for replacement mesh slings. No one has more replacement sling mesh fabrics than Chair Care Patio. We offer over 100 top quality mesh sling fabrics from Twitchell and Phifertex, that are made in the USA from top quality materials, unlike the patio chair fabrics you find on import furniture purchased at the big box stores. Chair Care Patio furniture repair also offers free sling fabric samples before you order. See our sling fabric collection by clicking on this link.

Consider Repairing Your Patio Sling Chairs and Patio Sling Chaise Lounges.

If the metal frame of the patio sling chair or chaise lounge is still in good condition, why not consider patio sling replacement? It’s an easy and inexpensive way to revive your old outdoor patio furniture. Typically the metal frames on sling style patio furniture are in good condition and structurally sound. The sling material usually fails before the frame. Once again, patio furniture repair and sling chair replacement becomes a green alternative to donating your perfectly good outdoor furniture to the local landfill. Chair Care Patio furniture repair can make replacement slings for one piece patio chair slings, 2 piece chaise lounge slings, replacement slings for loveseat gliders and ottomans. Care Care Patio, the expert in patio and outdoor furniture repair, can custom make a replacement slings for virtually any manufacturer including Carter Grandle, Heidt, Woodard, Brown Jordan, Winston, Homecrest, Lloyd Flanders and more.

Custom Made Replacement Slings for Better Quality Patio Furniture

Chair Care patio was the first online company to offer custom made replacement slings for Patio Furntiure. OUR PATIO CHAIR REPLACEMENT SLINGS ARE BETTER!!! Chair Care Patio can make replacement slings for virtually any manufacturer including: Homecrest, Brown Jordan, Winston, Carter Grandle, Heidt, Tropitone, Telecope, Lloyd Flanders, Agio and more. All we need is a few simple measurements from your sling chair or sling chaise lounge and Chair Care Patio can custom make new replacement slings for your patio chairs and chaises. Our website offers detailed instruction on how to measure for new replacement slings for outdoor patio furniture as well as generic installation instructions on how to install replacement slings for patio chairs and chaises. Our replacement slings are available in 100 top quality outdoor sling meshfabrics and are custom made to your measurements. We use a double seam of Gore Tenara brand thread on all hems to provide strength to the stress points of the slings. Gore Tenara thread is made by the people who make Goretex jackets. This outdoor thread has a lifetime warranty against deterioration. Our replacement slings for patio chairs, patio chaises and gliders also include the plastic spline or rods for easy installation. Consider repairing your outdoor furniture with new replacement slings for Chair Care Patio outdoor furniture repair.

Vinyl Strap replacement can make your vintage strap furniture look like new.

20 years ago, vinyl strap patio furniture was very popular and was made by prominent patio furniture manufacturers such as Woodard, Brown Jordan and Tropitone. These manufactures offered a variety of outdoor furniture with vinyl strapping or sometimes called chair webbing. This vintage of outdoor patio furniture was well made and is worth refinishing and replacing the vinyl strap. Brown Jordan, Woodard and Tropitone used very high quality materials when they manufactured their products. Good quality vinyl strapping, like the replacement vinyl strapping offered by Chair Care Patio is typically made of solid 100% virgin. It’s almost one eight inch thick and comes in two common widths. If you have better quality pool and patio furniture, consider repairing your vinyl strap furniture rather than buying new. Once again patio furniture repair is a “green” alternative to throwing it away.

Replace worn and discolored Vinyl strapping is available in over 50 colors to give your furniture a fresh new look.

Chair Care Patio Furniture repair offers 50 colors of new vinyl strapping and plastic webbing for outdoor patio furniture. Our vinyl strapping is available in both in and a half and two inch widths. These are the most common vinyl widths found in the industry. You can order free vinyl strap color samples prior to ordering. Click here to see our vinyl strap replacement colors and to order free color samples. See our detailed instructions on How to Install Single Wrap Vinyl Strapping and How to Install Double Wrap Vinyl Strapping. Not sure what rivet or fastener to use when installing vinyl strapping on your pool and patio furniture? Chair Care Patio has you covered. Our website has a detailed information section on How to determine which rivet or fastener to use when installing vinyl strap or chair webbing material.

Looking for Outdoor Fabrics for your pool and patio furniture.

Like to sew and want to make your own slings and patio furniture cushions? Our sister website www.OutdoorFabricStore.com has the largest selection of outdoor fabric for patio furniture cushions and mesh replacement slings on the internet. This extensive website carries the entire collection of outdoor fabrics from Twitchell, Phifer, Robert Allen, Duralee and more. You can find the perfect fabric for outdoor patio cushions and umbrellas, or choose a mesh sling fabric for a variety of outdoor uses. www.OutdoorFabricStore.com also offers outdoor trims, canvas and nylon for marine and boating applications as well as outdoor foam and sewing thread for your outdoor fabric sewing project. Let your creative side soar and create a designer look with outdoor fabrics form www.OutdoorFabricStore.com.

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